Manufacturing equipment includes 2 medium frequency melting furnaces with metal analysis being monitored by a computer controlled Quantavac Spectrometer.

Green sand moulding is on a 2013 Disamatic Automatic Moulding Machine, complimented by a small jobbing section and Hot Box core making. Processing equipment includes 2 Carbolite Heat Treatment Ovens, Stelia and Tilghman Shotblasts, various Barrels and Grinding machines.

The Finishing department contains miscellaneous Drills, Taps and Presses and in our Packaging department we have boxing, bagging, carding and blister sealing equipment.


Electric Melting provides a cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly atmosphere, combined with green sand moulding from a Disamatic moulding machine for high volume and high quality output.

Pennine offer a unique pattern plate system, which keeps the pattern costs to a minimum and also gives a much better degree of flexibility. In short, it enables us to manufacture ‘jobbing’ size batches at mass production prices.

In order to manufacture the very small Shoe Protectors (probably the smallest castings in the world), it is necessary for the company to use a very fine, special sand. This gives a very good definition and superior finish to all of the castings.

Computerised Production and Stock Control allows off-the-shelf standard product lines and, although we are automated, we will produce small batch or volume orders which allows us to offer batch jobs at very competitive volume prices.

Pennine Castings Limited have been in business since 1902, supplying a wide range of products and markets. We are an experienced exporter, exporting into over 40 countries worldwide.

Smaller structures and management tiers, mean that decision-making is so much simpler and problems are resolved much quicker and response time is minimal, e.g. quotations turned around in 24 hours. Also, since our overheads are so much lower than the larger foundries, you will find us to be very competitive on prices.